Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Microsoft MCT Readiness for 2019 Exams

These are the FREE online courses from Microsoft OpenEdX

MCT Readiness

Courses - Dec 2018
Role: Azure Administrator
Learning Path: Infrastructure and Deployment
  • Manage Subscriptions and Resources - AZ-100.1
  • Implementing and Managing Storage - AZ-100.2
  • Deploying and Managing Virtual Machines - AZ-100.3
  • Configuring and Managing Virtual Networks - AZ-100.4
  • Managing Identities - AZ-100.5
Learning Path: Integration and Security
  • Migrate Servers to Azure - AZ-101.1
  • Implementing and Managing Application Services - AZ-101.2
  • Implement Advanced Virtual Networking - AZ-101.3
  • Secure Identities - AZ-101.4
Role: Azure Developer
Learning Path: Core Solutions
  • Select the appropriate Azure technology development solution - AZ-200.1
  • Develop for Azure storage - AZ-200.2
  • Develop Azure Platform as a Service solutions - AZ-200.3
  • Implement security in Azure development solutions - AZ-200.4
Learning Path: Advanced Solutions
  • Develop for an Azure cloud model - AZ-201.1
  • Implement Azure development integration solutions - AZ-201.2
  • Develop Azure Cognitive Services, Bot, and IoT solutions - AZ-201.3
Role: Azure Solutions Architect
Learning Path: Architecture Technologies
  • Deploying and Configuring Infrastructure - AZ-300.1
  • Implementing Workloads and Security - AZ-300.2
  • Understanding Cloud Architect Technology Solutions - AZ-300.3
  • Creating and Deploying Apps - AZ-300.4
  • Implementing Authentication and Secure Data - AZ-300.5
  • Developing for the Cloud - AZ-300.6
Learning Path: Architecture Design
  • Designing for Identity and Security - AZ-301.1
  • Designing a Data Platform Solution - AZ-301.2
  • Designing for Deployment, Migration, and Integration - AZ-301.3
  • Designing an Infrastructure Strategy - AZ-301.4
Role: Microsoft 365 Enterprise Administrator
Learning Path: Identity and Services
  • Office 365 Management - MS-100.1
  • Microsoft 365 Tenant and Service Management - MS-100.2
  • Microsoft 365 Identity Management - MS-100.3
Learning Path: Mobility and Security
  • Microsoft 365 Security Management - MS-101.1
  • Microsoft 365 Compliance Management - MS-101.2
  • Microsoft 365 Device Management - MS-101.3

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Microsoft MCT Readiness for 2019 Exams

These are the FREE online courses from Microsoft OpenEdX MCT Readiness Courses - Dec 2018 Role: Azure Administrator Le...